Union Expertise Pays Off on Key Projects at Pennsylvania Casino

UBC signatory Artisan Display has a reputation for delivering top-quality architectural millwork in high-profile jobs, and that reputation was put to the test recently for the Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, Pa.

Artisan was asked to provide architectural millwork not only for the entire 380-room hotel—from custom cherry paneling in the lobby to all base molding—but also for two new attractions: The Paiza Club, the high-limit table games parlor, and Emeril’s Italian Table, celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant at the Sands.

The initial intent and design of the high-limits casino were reflected in the final product, with truly high-end elements such as custom Australian Eucalyptus millwork and handmade Beechwood diamond door panels.

Union craftsmanship was required form the beginning, as contractor and crew “were relied upon to make sure all of the design plans were constructible,” says Artisan Display owner Ted Wassmer. “Our goal was to maintain the intent of the initial design, which was to give patrons a special and unique experience, and we did just that.”

Craftsmanship Creates the Ancient Look

The restaurant called for an old-world Italian look, reminiscent of the ancient trattorias in Italy’s Rome and Florence. To achieve the effect, Artisan dismantled two 200-year-old Pennsylvania barns and reclaimed the wood beams, planking and paneling—some with
hand-written Roman numerals still intact from their original placement. Handled and installed do demanding specs by UBC hands, these centuries-old pieces make up the bulk of the restaurant’s unique, historically centered design.

The restaurant also has a one-of-a-kind antipasta bar that was designed, built, and hand-antiqued by the expert craftsmen, all members of the Philadelphia Woodworkers Association and The Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters, Local 359.

The union skill was matched by union attitude, says Brent Rosevelt, Sands Casino’s assistant construction manager.  “Artisan Display was an exceptional company to work with. [They] performed above and beyond with any task assigned while maintaining a superb level of quality in their work. Its crews were very professional and courteous, and maintained a ‘go-get-em’ attitude toward completing their work in the most economical and expeditious manner.”


From wall panels to the arched, round ceiling, mill-cab skill is evident throughout this beautiful space at Emeril's Italian Table restaurant inside the Sands Casino Resort.