UBC Traveller List Registration

For Canadian UBC members Wishing to Travel for Work in Canada

This online system has been created by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters to facilitate the quick movement of Canadian members throughout Canada in times of high regional labour demands.  Canadian UBC members have priority for jobs in Canada and it is critical that we know of your interest and availability so we can dispatch you when there are opportunities in other parts of Canada.

If you are out of work, available for work and have the required skills and qualifications you can complete the online form by clicking the button below.  Once you compete the form it will be automatically sent to your Regional Council Coordinator for review and final processing.  Please carefully review your file to ensure that it is complete and accurate.  Members are responsible to ensure that all the information they provide is true and failure to provide the correct information will disqualify you from being placed on the UBC Traveller List for dispatch in Canada.

This online registration system will use UBC databases to compile your basic information and training records and enable you to list your preferences for locations and types of work.  If you wish to update this information, please take the time to ensure that the information is updated before it is submitted.  Your Regional Council Coordinator will then verify your paperwork and qualifications before approving your name for the Canadian UBC Traveller List.

It is important to understand that you will only be approved for dispatch if you are currently not working.  Should you obtain work after you submit your completed form – you will not be avail dispatched through this system.

Finally, remember that you must re-open and renew your registration every 90 days to affirm your interest, availability and preferences for travel.  Should you fail to renew every 90 days, you will not be dispatched through this system.

CLICK HERE to register.