Focus on Partnership

Employer/Employee Partnerships

The UBC believes that a construction project can only succeed when employees and employers partner together. Union employers need workers with the right skills, attitude, and productivity to profit in a competitive business. Our goal is to ensure that our business partners can count on every union worker to perform excellent work every day. To achieve that goal, the UBC commits more than $200 million annually to member training programs that emphasize the highest standards of performance, productivity, and professionalism.

Political Action Partnerships

The UBC promotes partnerships both on the job site and off. Effective political action partnerships help us fight tax fraud and other employer misdeeds. We rely on relationships to promote many other efforts to level the playing field so that honest contractors can compete—and win—in the competitive construction market. Learn more at

New Partners and Expanding Workforce

The UBC understands that keeping up with today’s construction industry means preparing the workforce to meet the needs of our contractors and their customers. Workforce development is therefore a central focus of the union, which works to cultivate interest in a UBC career from military veterans, women, minorities, and today’s youth. LEARN MORE.

Support/Resource Partnerships—Before the Job Begins

Now more than ever, keeping union carpenters at work means helping union contractors win their bids. Our goal is to employ proven strategies that help signatories to identify, compete for, and win contracts.

United Brotherhood of Carpenters Support

On a typical union job site, UBC support begins long before the first carpenter hits the gate. In each of our regions, business representatives and other field staff closely monitor jobs in progress as well as projects barely on the horizon.

  • They attend public hearings, zoning and permitting sessions, and regulatory clearance meetings.
  • They secure commitments to include signatory contractors on bid lists.
  • They help contractors strategize to meet financing needs.

Our people know the industry and the players—town by town, county by county. We make sure union contractors are aware of every opportunity, and we help them to capitalize on those opportunities. Winning bids mean more work hours for our members.

Regional Council Support

The UBC comprises some 26 regional councils, which function as the administrative units for over 450 local unions. Regional councils represent areas based on real-world construction markets, helping UBC signatories with market-wide reach and a consistent source for labor and information. Relationships are key commodities in our regional councils. Council staff create trusted relationships with members of the local, state, and regional construction industry, working collaboratively to ensure more winning bids with contracts, added union market share, and increased respect in every one of our industry’s geographic and market sectors.