International Headquarters

Sitting next to the Department of Labor and at the foot of Capitol Hill, lies the UBC International Headquarters.

The Brotherhood’s International Headquarters is at 101 Constitution Ave., NW, at the heart of Washington D.C. It is next to the Department of Labor at the foot of Capitol Hill, giving UBC families a strong presence in the policy and political life of the nation.

The storied address, which is the closest privately owned property to the Capitol, has been home to the UBC since 1961. After four decades of service, the original headquarters made way for the current building, which was dedicated in 2002.

Besides being home to the Brotherhood, 101 Constitution Ave. is also one of the premiere business addresses in Washington. More than 90 percent of the building is leased to top companies and trade groups, providing revenue that benefits all carpenters by helping fund the UBC’s fight for workers’ rights.