Members in Office

UBC members across the country do their part to support carpenter values.

Political Action, Right From the Top: UBC Members in Office

UBC political action means supporting people and policies that support carpenter values, like fair wages and benefits, security and dignity in work and retirement, education and training, a safe workplace, and more. Year in and year out, thousands of members do their part helping with campaigns, phone banks, material drops, and in many other ways. A growing number of members are also taking political action to the next level—into office.

The undisputed Dean of UBC members in Canada who have held public office is Pat Martin who was a member of the House of Commons from 1997 to 2015, representing the riding of Winnipeg Centre. Prior to his election, Pat was the Business Manager of the Manitoba UBC Carpenters Union from 1989 to 1997.

Whether elected or appointed, these Brothers and Sisters are part of the Canadian political system. Their voices and advocacy at the table are immeasurably vital when carpenter issues are in play.

These members are invaluable to the political system because they know our issues at every level of government.  They are able to bring a carpenters perspective.   These members have stepped up to do more to better their communities, province and country. They give time and effort in political life to ensure that the UBC’s voice is heard and that unions remain strong in the future


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Other Elected & Appointed Membership

State Local UBC ID Name Title/Position
AR 71 U-8962-3273 Young, Dwayne Arkansas County Democratic Committeeman
CA 180 U-3268-5760 Rowlett, Ron California City Councilman
CA 2361 U-3877-1567 Hanna, John Trustee of Rancho Santiago Community College District & President of the District Board of Trustees
CT 43 U-8706-9304 Pacekonis, Bart South Windsor Planning & Zoning Commissioner
DE 173 8977-4122 Breslin, Tom President Upper Chichester, PA Zoning Appeals Board
DE 173 5949-4351 Brown, John Woodbridge School District Advisory Board, Sussex Tech School Advisory Board, State of Delaware Workforce Development Board Member, (Building Trades Representative, Appointed by Governor), Delaware Building Trades Council PAC Treasurer
FL 1809 U-8316-6971 McLaughlin, Norbert Fort Lauderdale Marine Advisory Board
IA 678 U-3504-3547 Flogel, Jim Eastern Iowa Regional Housing Corporation and Eastern Iowa Regional Housing Authority (appointed)
IA 1260 U-6881-3018 Jacoby, Dave Iowa State Representative
IA 1260 U-7343-9430 Nienhaus, Steve Planning and Zoning Committee for City of Muscatine, Iowa
MA 56 U-3731-9254 Kuhs, Dan Massachusetts Energy Facility Siting Board
MA 218 U-6132-0372 Donahue, Jeff Masschusetts City Counsilor
MD 177 U-1732-9637 Barber, John City of Baltimore Wage Commission
MI 202 U-5766-5757 Bielas, Bill Michigan School Board President
MN 322 U-1498-9217 Heimlich, Sam MN Governor’s Workforce Development Board
MN 322 U-8249-8508 Nelson, Mike Minnesota State Representative
MN 322 U-6991-0049 Peterson, Jeff Forest Lake School Board
MN 606 U-2022-2993 Bakk, Tom MN Senate Minority Leader
NE 1306 U-1243-0047 Marshall, Rich Greater Lincoln (NE) Workforce Development Board 
NB 1386 U-2202-7702 Ingersoll, Mark New Brunswick Councillor
NH 40 U-4342-6057 Weber, Ed New Hampshire Planning Board Member
NJ 251 U-2904-2580 Koch, Frank Brigantine School Board President
NJ 251 U-1530-1086 Wunsch, Francis Gloucester County Committee Person, Chairman of Cloucester City Zoning and Planning Board
NJ 252 U-2366-4484 Friedman, Jason Middlesex County Planning Board, Middlesex County Workforce Development Board
NJ 252 U-8477-0446 Gillespie, Bob Chester County London Grove Township Zoning Board Member
NJ 253 U-4632-1128 Ballantyne, John NJSEA Commissioner; Board Member, Passaic County Community College Foundation
NJ 253 U-7497-2544 Burns, Jim Passaic & Essex Counties Municipal Utilities Authority
NJ 253 U-6604-1151 Cannizzo, Keith Elmwood Park BOE President
NJ 253 U-5749-9250 Carnovale, Sal Belleville Democratic Chair, Essex VoTec Board Member
NJ 253 U-7899-4014 Corcoran, Ken Councilman – Cliffside Park; Bergen County Director of Facilities
NJ 253 U-8356-6709 Fernandez, William Bloomfield Planning Board Member
NJ 253 U-6419-5331 Gervens, William Passaic County Planning Board Member
NJ 253 U-1679-4081 Gowing, Peter EDA Committee of East Orange
NJ 253 U-5575-4178 Hurley, Tom North Arlington Zoning Board -Vice Chair, Board Member
NJ 253 U-5778-6785  Laforte, Sammy Bloomfield Planning Board Member
NJ 253 U-5749-7802 Martinique, Steve Passaic County Planning Board – Vice Chairman, Board Member
NJ 253 U-8793-9880 Perretti, Peter Northvale Planning Board – Chairman
NJ 253 U-5356-9121 Skidmore, Michael Bloomfield Zoning Board – Board Member
NJ 254 U-3530-2864 Abrantes, Anthony Morris County Economic Development Committee, Morris – Sussex – Warren Counties Workforce Development Board (WIB), Morris County School of Technology Advisory Board, Morris County Planning Board
NJ 252 U-7505-1885 Brown, Kevin Burlington County Planning Board; Burlington County College Trustee Board; Burlington County Military Affairs Committee
NJ 254 U-1757-2581 Dalrymple, Richard Hunterdon County Planning Board
NJ 254 U-2850-2245 Derosa, Michael Union County Planning Board
NJ 254 U-5336-445 Hopkins, Robert Warren  County Planning Board
NJ 254 U-2905-1264 Hutchinson, Ridgeley Educational Facilities Authority, Hunterdon County PolyTech Institute
NJ 254 U-1181-5295 Mitchell, Kerry Trenton Zoning Board (Pending Appointment)
NJ 254 U-2774-2722 Partyka, Bob Somerset/Hunterdon WIB
NJ 254 U-1419-7260 Rutledge, Gusna Warren County Technical School Board of Education, Director State School Board Association, Zoning Board Lopatcong Township
NJ 254 U-1625-5194 Schneider, John Somerset County Planning Board
NJ 254 U-3652-7291 Tampier, Jeffrey Hampton Councilman
NJ 254 U-8505-8257 Verrelli, Anthony Mercer County Improvement Authority Vice Chairman; Mercer County Workforce Investment Board (WIB)
NJ 255 U-2459-3988 Aiken, Eric Hamilton Township School Board
NJ 255 U-3096-0107 Bock, Tom Camden County Planning Board
NJ 255 U-3976-3472 Bulakowski, Andrew Burlington County Military Affairs Committee
NJ 255 U-1427-9928 Burke, Dennis Westville Councilman
NJ 255 U-3731-3027 Capelli, Mike Gloucester County Planning Board, SDA
NJ 255 U-8380-9217 Carman, John Freeholder, Atlantic County
NJ 255 U-2671-1584 Carugno, Tony Westhampton Planning/Zoning Board
NJ 255 U-3516-6324 Chinnici, Pete Cumberland County Planning Board
NJ 255 U-4553-9734 Christy, Dan Gloucester County Freeholder
NJ 255 U-3844-8694 Dienna, Bob Evesham Township Councilman
NJ 255 U-8911-4785 Dougherty, Dan Washington Township Zoning Board
NJ 255 U-1756-3897 Estberg, Ted Mantua Planning Board
NJ 255 U-2748-2686 Garbowski, Dennis Camden County Planning Board
NJ 255 U-2571-6629 Garbowski, Ken Gloucester Township MUA
NJ 255 U-3651-8447 Garganio, Bruce Burlington County Freeholder
NJ 255 U-5624-4420 Hagaman, Ed Councilman – Sweetwater
NJ 255 U-7982-9566 Harrison, Arnold Southampton School Board
NJ 255 U-1914-2178 Kubiak, Jim Vineland City Planning/Zoning
NJ 255 U-3415-5317 Lange, Ryan Woodbury Planning/Zoning Board
NJ 255 U-4098-0386 Levy, Robert Egg Harbor Township Planning Board
NJ 255 U-4453-9150 Mayer, Robert Galloway Planning/Zoning Board Chairman
NJ 255 U-7096-5671 Mueller, Tricia HMFA Board Member
NJ 255 U-7837-8258 Ring, Mike Absecon Councilman
NJ 255 U-3885-1632 Singleton, Troy Assemblyman, 7th Legislative District, Burlington County Bridge Commission
NJ 255 U-4517-6777 Spencer, Frank CRDA
NJ 255 U-1651-0158 Speziali, Frank New Leaders Council Deputy Alumni Director
NJ 255 U-7071-0862 Sproule, Bill NJ Building Authority
NJ 255 U-6385-3923 Tarby, Bob Atlantic County Improvement Authority
NJ 255 U-3632-2415 Warker, Todd Egg Harbor City Planning/Zoning Board
NJ 255 U-6346-7059 Vasser, Chris Lower Township School Board
NJ 255 U-7417-4791 Young, Jon Camden County Freeholder
NJ 715 U-8482-6042 Krevetski, Don Franklin Township Councilman
NJ 255 U-7711-7638 Robinson, John Gloucester County Institute of Technology School Board
NY 276 U-6347-8216 Austin, Chris Hume Town Councilman
NY 276 U-4091-8428 Bodewes, Daryl Fair Committee, Niagra Co Economic Development & Strategy Committee
NY 276 U-1140-1788 Mairs, Tom Avon Councilman, Deputy Supervisor
NY 277 U-3874-8406 Cleveland, Dan Erin Town Board
NY 277 U-7206-3698 Colton, Scott Broome/Tioga Workforce Investment Board, Broome/Tioga BOCES School to Careers
NY 277 U-1171-9878 Enjem, Francis Richfield Springs Town Supervisor
NY 277 U-1003-4756 Miller, Andy Town of Fowler Planning Board
NY 277 U-6302-1712 Noteboom, Brian Cayuga/Cortland Workforce Investment
NY 277 U-8856-5194 Phillips, Robert Jr. Grandy Highway Superintendent (Fulton)
NY 277 U-5864-6504 Swayze, Fred Chemung County Democratic Committee & Van Etten Town Councilman
NY 277 U-5929-7746 Toth, Gary Oswego County IDA & Executive Board Member Operation Oswego County
NY 277 U-3399-6483 Weist, Russ Harpersville School Board
NY 277 U-3440-2896 Wilmott, Bob Oswego City Council
NY 279 U-4877-1724 Capozella, Anthony City of Middleton Planning Board
NY 279 U-7376-4028 Carey, Ray Town of Haverstraw Architectural Review Committee
NY 279 U-8261-7381 Cassel, Paul Ulster County Workforce Investment Board
NY 279 U-3780-9048 Cooke, Ed Westchester/Putnam Workforce Investment Board and Putnam County Parks Committee
NY 279 U-3273-5578 DeRosa, Philip Town of Pawling Town Board
NY 279 U-3951-8061 Komorowski, Kris Yonkers Workforce Investment Board and Westchester County Consumer Advisory
NY 279 U-4040-7200 Malcolm, James Ulster County Industrial Development Agency/Ulster County Labor Committee
NY 279 U-5842-6296 Muscat, Richard City of Beacon Planning Board
NY 279 U-7265-7307 Smith, Kevin Dutchess County Workforce Investment Board
NY 279 U-7829-8771 Smith, Scott J. Sullivan County Industrial Development Agency
NY 279 U-1243-6992 Yorke, Dennis Orange County Workforce Investment Board
NY 279 U-3880-7908 Vantassel, John Philipstown Council (Putnam County)
NY 290 U-1505-7408 Fusco, Chris Director of Labor Relations – Nassau County
NY 290 U-8785-7642 Grodner, Nicole Workforce Development Board – Oyster Bay- N. Hempstead, Glen Cove
NY 290 U-5879-1138 Lindsay, Ron Town of Brookhaven Planning Board
NY 290 U-3342-6187 Lynch, Dan Smithtown School Board
NY 290 U-2036-3138 Macagnone, Anthony Town of Oyster Bay Councilman
NY 290 U-5447-8800 Macchione, William NYS Apprenticeship Council Member
NY 291 U-5067-8976 Blacklock, Doug Schenectady Metroplex IDA
NY 291 U-1622-9580 Corron, Allan Building Inspector, Beekmantown
NY 291 U-8203-4913 Herrick, Dean Code Enforcement, Stephentown
NY 291 U-1024-8593 Hicks, Kevin Guiderland IDA & Albany Airport Authority
OH 171 U-6009-5518 Shelby, Joe Ohio Councilman
OH 200 U-3965-3441 Graham, James Ohio City Council President
OH 351 U-7342-1630 Booth, Bill Ohio Board of Elections
OR 129 U-8257-4664 Gilman, Clark Olympia City Council 
OR 129 U-5747-1599 Jones, Scott Ocosta School District School Board 
OR 271 U-5819-5221 Holvey, Paul Oregon State Representative
PA 158 1167-9926 Bey, Adolphus Comimtteeman for Ward 10, Division 4, City of Philadelphia
PA 158 1605-2936 Cedrone, Richard President of South Philadelphia Community Association, President of Friends of Marconi Park, Board Member of the Community Benefit Agreement for the "Philly Life" casino in South Philadelphia"
PA 158 5383-5805 Esposito, Vince Committeeman for 66B, Division 13, City of Philadelphia
PA 158 6424-8453 James, Tom 63rd Ward Chairman, Board member of Bustleton Civic Association, City of Philadelphia
PA 158 1261-8114 Latimer, Matt Committeeman for 66B Division 1, City of Philadelphia
PA 158 4410-1621 Rowan, John Committeeman for Ward 39B, Division 17, City of Philadelphia
PA 158 2936-7906 Twiford, Edward Committeeman Ward 39B, Division 22, City of Philadelphia
PA 167 4825-1376 Clayton, Chuck Bristol Township, Bucks County PA Zoning Board Officer
PA 167 3317-4691 Lott, Kevin Lehigh Valley Planning Commission, Work Force Investment Board, Lehigh County Vo-Tech Advisory Board
PA 167 7634-5938 Loughney, Francis Lehigh County Vo-Tech Advisory Board
PA 167 5075-3961 Morrow, Kevin Committeeman for Ward 66A, Division 44, City of Philadelphia
WI 314 U-1523-9549 Blair, Brandon Columbia County Supervisor
WI 731 U-1761-8041 Blindauer, Gene Town of Plymouth Supervisor
WI 1146 U-7046-4284 Cashman, Dennis Town of Rockland Chairman
WI 1056 U-1927-9569 Clegg, Dennis Outagamie County Supervisor
WI 1056 U-8545-2361 Coenen, Dave  Town of Dayton Planning Commission
WI 344 U-4680-0946 Genz, Carl Village of Greendale Trustee
WI 731 U-1766-5963 Glomski, Richard Town of Schleswig Supervisor
WI 1143 U-3112-9199 Hennessey, Kevin West Salem Village Board
WI 1146 U-4028-6585 Huc, Gary Crivitz School Board
WI 1146 U-2040-3818 Klika, Tom Town of Glenmore Supervisor
WI 1146 U-4626-6401 Krueger, William Town of New Denmark Chairman
WI 314 U-2474-9337 McCririe, Ian Village of Arena Trustee
WI 731 U-8738-1162 Mrotek, Joe Manitowoc County Zoning Board of Appeals
WI 1056 U-4842-9025 Murphy, Bill Village of Necedah Trustee
WI 1143 U-8366-5754 Novak, Andy Town of Freeman Supervisor
WI 310 U-7678-8402 Weiner, John Ashland County Supervisor
WI 161 U-1896-4374 Zacharias, Roger Gateway Technical College Board