Developing Leaders

The UBC’s Department of Education and Training (DET) aligns education, leadership, and development of members and union staff with the Brotherhood’s strategic priorities of growth, skill and professionalism, and organizational effectiveness.

DET Mission,
Vision, Values

Our industry is changing quickly and we must meet the demands of shifting cultural expectations. Read more about the Department of Education & Trainings’ mission, vision, and values.

About the DET

The DET team is comprised of 19 full-time office staff and instructors and a network of over 45 part-time instructors. For more information on the full-time members of our team and contact information for the DET, click below.

Det Training Programs

Success Stories

Our members’ and contractors’ successes are very important to us at the Department of Education & Training. Read a few of our success stories below.

Contractor Attends Training at the ITC

"The physical training facility is first class and the hospitality that was extended to us…

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Recharged by UBC Training

"I will continue to do my part to educate, agitate, and organize!"

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UBC Leadership Conference

"All in all, a great experience and program put on by the DET and UBC."

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Department of Education and Training

DET Key Learning

The Department of Education & Training focuses their learning on key lessons such as Good Union Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Constructive Culture Info and more.

Travel to the ITC

If you are going to a program at the ITC, here is some helpful information about how to get there.