Who to Contact

Please feel free to reach out to the DET at any time during the registration process with questions.

For general inquiries during the registration process or assistance with any of the DET programs, contact:

Amy McCarron, Program Director

Email: Amy.McCarron@carpenters.org

Phone: (702) 667-2326

To streamline your inquiries, below is the list of DET programs and who coordinates each:

Jennie Donaldson:

Email: Jennie.Donaldson@carpenters.org

Phone: (702) 667-2179

  • 3rd Year Apprentice
  • 3-Day Evaluation
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • UBC Leadership
  • Marketing Training
  • Public Speaking / Presentation Skills (Basic & Advanced)
  • Advanced Public Speaking
  • Resource Management
  • Working with the Media

Tina Argenio:

Email: Tina.Argenio@carpenters.org

Phone: (702) 667-2180

  • Delegate Training
  • Foreman Training
  • Mentoring Training
  • New Staff Orientation

Michele Klimek:

Email: Michele.Klimek@carpenters.org

Phone: (702) 667-2173

  • UBC Journeymen

Janae Junior

Email: Janae.Randolph@carpenters.org

Phone: (702) 667-2126

  • UBC Excellence