“I was very impressed with the UBC Training Center and the Leadership Conference. I thought it was very well done and I am very grateful that I was chosen to participate in the program. The program really made me reevaluate my priorities and set high goals for myself. I’ve always been very involved with my local but now I’ve been inspired to really step it up another notch. I will be running for recording secretary of my local in this years election. I hope to make our local stronger.

I’ve talked with my business agents and told them I would like to work my way up to an organizer or business agent position. I know these are high goals, however, with my strong union beliefs, great leadership qualities, and being a highly-driven individual, I feel these goals are achievable.

I started talking to my union brothers about the conference and the UBC’s vision as soon as I returned. The majority were excited to hear about it and were on board right away. I have been able to use the tools I was given at the conference and they’ve been very helpful. All in all, a great experience and program put on by the DET and UBC. Thank you again.”

~ Mike Dinelli, Local 916