Mark Ingersoll

New Brunswick Councillor

Our union is truly varied, as with Mark Ingersoll—a deckhand on a ferry serving his home island of Maine’s Northeast coast, and an 18-year member of Local 1386 of the Atlantic Canada Regional Council.

When he is not on watch on the car deck or wheel house, Ingersoll serves as a council delegate and councillor for the Village of Grand Manan, an elected position he’s held for 16 years.

“I first got involved in local politics because of my concern for the Island’s future. I wanted to be able to have a voice and a say in the direction our Island was taking and to make Grand Manan a better place to live and raise a family,” Ingersoll said.

“The union we were with before 1995 was not what we were looking for. We looked for a union which took our concerns seriously. We have a great relationship with the UBC and have never looked back,” Ingersoll said.

“I also believe being politically active, even on a local level, gives me many opportunities to build a relationship with my Federal and Provincial representatives. There are – and will be – times when their help is needed for the interest of our union. At times I am able to educate them on specific issues that exist within the local or regional council, which can be invaluable.”

ubc member in office