Dwayne Young

Arkansas County Democratic Committeeman

members in office

Dwayne Young, of Fort Smith, Arkansas, has excelled in a variety of positions for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters throughout his 33-year membership. He worked his craft as a carpenter for Local 71 and then as business agent before spending more than a decade as lead instructor for the Job Corps.

He returned to his business representative duties in 2002, a role he continues to serve for the Central South Carpenters Regional Council. Now, he is applying his union experience as an elected member of the Crawford County Democratic Committee.

“It’s important that the building trades are represented on the Committee, which helps ensure that the right candidates are supported and elected,” Young said. “We need to be involved politically so that the labor movement’s point of view is heard on every subject.”

Young admits that there is a sense of personal satisfaction when he sees positive results from his community activism. “In any major project in the state, the carpenters lead the way. It’s been beneficial to be a member of the Democratic Committee, and to voice my opinion.”