Boston SIB Participates in Contractor Event

A January 2018 contractor event offered Sisters an opportunity to recruit members, and to support workforce goals for contractors. The purpose of the event was to teach the community, both workers and contractors, about new hiring goals; and to connect unemployed Boston residents with contractors (for those already in Unions) and apprenticeships (for those interested in joining).

Organized by Boston’s Resident Jobs Policy Office, attendees included several NERCC signatory contractors, as well as Union members and hopefuls looking for employment.

One event picture shows Karolyn Crockett, Director of Economic Policy & Research, Small Business Development, addressing the crowd. The other picture includes NERCC member Michelle Wright L 328 (yellow shirt, in back). Michelle was there to encourage women who were interested in joining the Carpenters Union.

Attendees received valuable information about jobs, benefits, and training.