New Signatory Contractor Speaks at IKORCC Conference

Sisters planning the Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio Summer Conference wanted a speaker who embodied the qualities of an outstanding Carpenter – Megan Walkowiak, new Signatory Contractor, was that person.

As a third-generation Carpenter, Megan excelled during her apprenticeship, delivering performance that earned recognition and praise. She was at the top of her class in academics and skills, standing out as a learner as well as a leader.

Wanting to expand her knowledge, Megan attended training programs at the International Training Center (ITC), immediately applying what she learned. She also shared her knowledge with other women; serving as a mentor, chairing Local 435’s Sisters in the Brotherhood (SIB) Committee, and representing her Local at the 2015 National SIB Women’s Conference.

Appreciation for Megan’s efforts came in the form of a recent Plaque from her Local. They praised her as a role model for Sisters and Brothers. Check out the pictures below.

And while Megan enjoyed doing carpentry work, working with women, and helping volunteers, she wanted to contribute more. This led to her latest accomplishment; becoming a Signatory Contractor.

Megan’s fellow supervisors, co-workers, and Sisters applaud her extraordinary transition from apprentice to Signatory Contractor and they look forward to her further success.