PNWRCC Sisters Embrace 2018 Women Build Nations Event

Washington and Oregon SIB Committees saw the benefits of their all-out effort to have an impressive representation of Sisters at the 2018 Seattle Women Build Nations Event. They had Sisters from across the Council attend, and many brought women who might be interested in the trades. So the event provided recruitment opportunities as well.

PNWRCC Sisters were among the 250 tradeswomen that accounted for the overall 2200 attendees. The event was inspirational, motivational, and educational. Workshops covered topics on organizing, time management, starting SIB committees, and more.

Council Sisters also hosted a very successful Carpenters Caucus for all UBC attendees.

Showing extra support for Sisters, the Council chartered a 3-hour Argosy Cruise which showcased the beautiful Seattle area. Other Council contributions included pins, plates, and cutlery.

The Sisters learned a lot and felt empowered. These pictures highlight some of their fabulous experiences.