Seattle Sisters Help Build Playground

A dilapidated playset falling apart with decay, that’s what Seattle Sisters and volunteers found when they visited The Campbell Farm. Located on the Wapato Indian Reservation, The Campbell Farm is an organization that serves the community in many ways. Some examples include providing after-school care, helping the elderly, and feeding the hungry; with all programs being overseen by the administrator Carmanita Pimms (Momma Bear).

In building the playground, Sisters joined forces with Carpenters from the Eastern Local. Help with the project came in two ways: Local 41 donated $850.00 for materials, and Brother Derrick Keen found a used playset that was donated to the cause.

As these pictures show, everyone jumped in full force, even young kids. Some volunteers stayed overnight and Sister Ivylee Sharp helped Carmanita prepare daily meals for the helpers.

In the end, all the hard-work paid off. The dilapidated and used playsets were customized and converted into one big playset that even included a slide!