Sisters Participate in ApprenticeshipUSA Accelerator Meeting

On August 23, 2016, the DOL held an ApprenticeshipUSA Accelerator meeting at the New England Regional Council of Carpenters Center in Boston, Massachusetts. ApprenticeshipUSA works with employers to build a highly skilled workforce for the nation’s leading businesses, including the Construction industry.

The meeting was part of the Sectors of Excellence in Apprenticeships (SEAs) Initiative – an industry-driven strategy to expand apprenticeship in targeted sectors. It provided an opportunity for businesses, employer organizations, labor organizations, and other industry stakeholders to discuss how customized apprenticeship programs enhance the workforce needs of the Construction sector.

Attendees included over 186 people from 25 states. Sisters played a key role in organizing the meeting and registering participants. Liz Skidmore, SIB Chair, participated in a panel discussion. Liz was also quoted in the Bloomberg Daily Labor Report, where she shared insights on initiatives to recruit women into the Trades.

The meeting was very productive and these photos show some of the participants. Mark Erlich, EST of the NERCC is shown addressing the ApprenticeshipUSA crowd and John Ladd, Administrator of the DOL Apprenticeship Office is shown with some Tradeswomen.