Sisters “First” Conference is a Huge Success!

Sisters hosted their first SIB Conference on October 13 – 14 at the Council office in Greenwood, Indiana. Attendees included 59 Sisters from 30 different Locals. Some key guest speakers were District Vice-President Dave Tharp, EST Mark McGriff, Dayton, OH Mayor Nan Whaley, and a representative from Red Wing shoes.

Topics for the conference were wide-ranging and informative: mentoring & retention, outreach & recruitment, politics & legislation. Advice was given on how to move from apprentice to superintendent, with a focus on what contractors look for in women and men.

Additionally, Barb Pecks, International SIB member, provided information on ways to start a committee. During her presentation, Barb emphasized the importance of linking committee activities to 5 specific UBC Strategic Priorities. She also shared information about resources on the SIB website.

The Sisters learned a lot and felt their first conference was a true success, which they attribute to the incredible support from their Council and Brothers. Council leaders encouraged all Sisters to participate and Brothers helped set up, register attendees, and more.

These pictures provide a peek into the positive and fulfilling two-day experience.