For all topics except skills training, search the dropdown for your local UBC Council. Our Regional Councils align with current construction industry markets, so whatever your question, be assured you'll be talking with people who know the territory, the members, and the markets.

Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers

1430 S.W. Clay

Portland, OR, 97208-4566, USA

Phone: (503) 228-7486

Fax: (503) 972-7684

Northern California Regional Council

265 Hegenberger Road - Suite 200

Oakland, CA, 94621-1418, USA

Phone: (510) 568-4788

Fax: (510) 568-7916

Southwest Mountain States Regional Council of Carpenters

533 S. Fremont Avenue

Los Angeles, CA, 90071-1706, USA

Phone: (213) 385-1457

Fax: (213) 385-3759