The DET Word Shield

If It’s Going To Be, It’s Up To Me

“The DET word shield was created to highlight both the vision and the values of the UBC. These words are synonymous with the UBC’s strategic priorities and define the values and commitment of a transformational leader and a constructive culture. In the classroom, we use these words and quotes to talk about the “how and why” in developing effective partnerships. Leaders drive culture, and the lessons in the classroom are highly successful in changing behaviors in the field to meet the challenges we face in the construction industry. Thus, the word shield represents what it feels like to be a part of the UBC, and is the blueprint for creating the most productive workforce, the most productive culture, and to be the best trade organization we can be.”

~ Randy Eppard (Executive Director of the Department of Education and Training)


Having a positive attitude is key to being successful. Changing your mindset can give you the power to change your situation. If you focus on the good in a situation and bring positive energy to what you work on—then you become unstoppable. If you believe it, you can achieve it. Positivity is contagious—share it with everyone  you know! 


Skills can be found, like lost items that have always belonged to you. If the will to learn is there, the passion of creation will never die. To stay competitive in today’s industry, never stop learning. Take every opportunity to continue to grow and hone your skills. This is what sets Union carpenters apart from the rest. 


The only person you can change is you. You can mentor, coach, and inspire others. Then they will change themselves to be better.


It’s not all that noticeable when it’s there, but when it’s not, everyone knows.


Day in and day out people don’t motivate others, people motivate themselves. Be motivated to become who you want to be.


Treat challenges as opportunities. Doing something different or new is not always easy. Be courageous, do the things you know you should do today.


Add daily value to others in a positive way and encourage them to do the same with their people. Inspire, share knowledge, information and perspective.


Never quit on yourself…you might be close to being your best, but if you quit, you’ll never know what you are capable of.


Leadership is based on relationships, not positions. Encourage involvement.


Be the real deal, remember people don’t expect a perfect leader, because no one is perfect. People want authenticity. Be yourself and strive to be the best possible.


Find your strengths! Learn what you are good at, stay right there, be present, and you will learn what you need to know.


Be aggressive on the problems, but be assertive with the people around you.


Leadership is about being responsible. The responsibility rests on your shoulders to be dependable and accountable to yourself and for those who rely on you.


It takes effort to be good. It takes extra effort to be great.


Nothing happens until we make a commitment. It is the first step. Without it you never get going, you never continue, and you never finish.


Essentials make all the difference in our history and heritage as we look out with great respect and loyalty to the people who paved the path before us.