Carpenters Build America

From the Permit Office to the Project Trailer,
Member Activism is Key

Not everyone realizes it, but Government at all levels combined is the largest consumer of construction services in the country. Even if you never work on public projects, the chances are that your ability to make a living in the construction industry is directly affected by decisions made by elected officials at the local, state, and federal level.

  • Government directly funds infrastructure projects that employ tens of thousands of union carpenters constructing roads, bridges, transit systems, wastewater projects, dams, and more. Virtually the entire Highway Heavy part of our industry is dependent upon direct federal government funding.
  • Government also directly funds many facility construction projects. Through local, state, and federal government funds, we are able to build schools, universities, jails, courthouses, government office buildings, military facilities, hospitals, and more.
  • Government subsidizes private construction projects. Through tax breaks, abatements, incentives, and direct subsidies, our tax dollars help private developers build affordable housing projects, sports stadiums and other “economic development” projects.
  • Government also impacts projects that don’t get subsidies. Many projects in the energy, mining, manufacturing, and heavy industrial industries rely on government permits and approvals to move forward.

Civic and public engagement is a cherished tradition within the UBC, going back to our earliest history. When we make our voices heard, Carpenters can impact the decisions made by elected officials to ensure that all levels of government are creating jobs for our industry and that those jobs are good union jobs.