Sisters in the Brotherhood Successes

Sisters began forming SIB committees prior to the first UBC Women’s Conference in 2002, and have always been actively engaged in building a better UBC in many ways.  Here are just some of their endeavors:

  • Working with the International Training Center and UBC Department of Education and Training to create programs in leadership development and mentoring.
  • Working with numerous entities in the Department of Labor to address regulatory and enforcement issues to increase diversity in the trade.
  • Developing a partnership with Helmets to Hardhats to assist women who are interested in working in construction after leaving the military.
  • Helping pass an ordinance in a major U.S. city that created an online database showing compliance with city hiring goals for diversity in the trades.
  • Participating in picketing against unscrupulous contractors that underpay carpenters and undercut area-standard wages and benefits.
  • Building Habitat for Humanity women-built houses throughout the United States.
  • Hosting regional carpenters women’s conferences.
  • Using developers’ interest in workforce diversity to turn jobs union.
  • Helping to educate industry leaders and contractors on the merits of meeting compliance goals for federally funded projects.