Trade Tips from Sisters in the Brotherhood

“Lift heavier items with your legs, not your back. This will help you avoid strains and sprains.” 

– Sarah Robinson, Atlantic Canada Regional Council

Use a short section of pipe to help hang a door. Place the door upright on the pipe and roll it into place. It will help support the door and allow you to tip it into place to fasten the hinge to the jamb.”

– Libby, North Central States Regional Council

“To keep wood from splitting when driving a nail, blunt the tip of the nail before using it.” 

– Jasmine, North Central States Regional Council

“Use templates or patterns whenever possible. If you don’t have one, flip over the object you are using and trace your own pattern.”

– D. Rojas, North Central States Regional Council

“Have the right tool for the job, and make sure it’s a quality product. You get what you pay for.”

– Krista, North Central States Regional Council