Solar Installer Training Program

The Solar Installer program provides a baseline understanding of the types, designs, components, and installation methods for photovoltaic systems used in various renewable energy applications. UBC members learn about solar cell technology, how solar radiation produces power, basic electricity, and array location, and assembly. The course identifies industry standards for residential, commercial, and large solar installations.

With improved technology and economies of scale in production, the cost of solar power continues to drop, making it more competitive with fossil fuels.  With an increase in marketplace acceptance and government incentives, solar power is the fastest growing industry in North America.

Through Solar Installer training, members also learn about the materials they will encounter and techniques they will need in placing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of new construction or retrofitting buildings such as factories, schools, warehouses, parking structures, and apartments. Our members already have the core skills they will need; the Solar Installer training program adapts those skills to new products.