Three Sisters Achieve Success in Floorcovering Industry

Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio Regional Council

Sheila started floorcovering work in 2002. That was when she left her job as a non-union Carpenter and joined the UBC. Sheila did not think the Union would be the right fit for a woman, but several UBC members told her otherwise. They explained the benefits of working Union and encouraged her to “just try.” She did, and the rest is history.

Sheila absolutely loves the floorcovering craft. She is INSTALL certified in all but carpet and is currently working on that certification.

Sheila also very much enjoys working as a Union Carpenter.  In fact, she says, “The Carpenters Union made it possible for me, a single mom, to raise two children and two grandchildren.”

When talking about the floorcovering business, Yvonne professes, “I really enjoy my craft, and I appreciate the fact that I am always learning.”  Celebrating 21 years with the UBC, Yvonne saw an opportunity to expand her skills and moved into floorcovering. She is INSTALL certified in all aspects of flooring – sheet vinyl, flashcove, carpet tile, plank, and VCT.  Yvonne will renew her certifications this year.

As for the personal impact of working as a UBC carpenter in the floorcovering craft, Yvonne says, “I was able to raise two children, putting one through college. I even bought my own house.”

When it comes to floorcovering, Sandy says, “I love my job and can’t imagine doing anything else.” Sandy has worked as a UBC member for 17 years, becoming INSTALL certified along the way. She does vinyl, carpet, laminate, VCT, and hardwood.

Sandy says, “I am happy with what I have been able to accomplish because of the UBC.” By the way, her husband and two sons are also UBC members.