LEFT: Shown at a recent ceremony is Tony Macagnone of LU 290 (back row, third from left), a 12-year Councilman in Oyster Bay, N.Y. RIGHT: Former Connecticut Labor Commissioner Glenn Marshall (LU 209), second from left, makes a point to U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman (Ind.), right.

Political Action, Right From the Top: UBC Members in Office

UBC political action means supporting people and policies that support carpenter values, like area-standard wages and benefits, security and dignity in work and retirement, education and training, a safe workplace, and more.

Year in and year out, thousands of members do their part helping with campaigns, phone banks, literature walks, and in many other ways. A growing number of members are also taking political action to the next level—into office.

The undisputed Dean of UBC members who hold public office is Rep. Bob Brady of Philadelphia’s Local 8—in the UBC since 1965 and the U.S. Congress since 1996. The UBC also has power outside the Beltway, too—and politics are never more local than with the zoning, funding, and many other concrete decisions made in our counties, cities, and towns.

Whether elected or appointed, these Brothers and Sisters are part of the power structure. Their voices at the table are immeasurably vital when carpenter issues are in play. They know that a seat at the table is just as invaluable.

These members give the UBC a solid political presence on councils, boards, agencies, and other bodies at every level. These members have stepped up to do more. They give time and effort in political life to ensure that the UBC’s voice is heard and that unions remain strong in the future.

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