Training Verification Cards (TVC)

Training Verification Cards (TVC) help UBC members track their current training and stay eligible for future training.

Training Verification Cards (TVC) help UBC members track their current training. The TVC is available on the UBC Mobile App or as an individual, wallet-sized plastic card. Both the mobile and print versions of the TVC include a QR code which, when scanned, displays the member’s training, certifications and qualifications. The TVC also displays the member’s name, UBC ID, local union, classification (journeyman, apprentice), craft, union membership status and dues paid through date. The UBC Mobile App feature provides each member with access to their up-to-date training and certifications report with the click of a button. Download the UBC Mobile App and check out this new feature.

TVC’s are linked to TRAIN. UBC training centers can add or update the members’ photo in TRAIN, view the card, request a new card, and issue a temporary paper card. Note: Temporary cards are only valid for two weeks until the replacement card is mailed to the member’s home address with the member’s local union as the return address. UBC local unions handle address changes. All individual member photos uploaded by the training centers to TRAIN, will also appear on the member’s TVC in the UBC Mobile app.

Each time you reprint a member’s TVC card in TRAIN, the member receives a new plastic card from the CITF with a new QR code and old cards no longer work. Also, cards will not print if the address is marked as invalid. When a new card is requested through TRAIN, the TVC on the mobile app will automatically update to the new QR code. All information in TRAIN will populate on both the printed and mobile TVC.

Members with questions about the records shown on their TVC should contact their regional training center. CLICK HERE to see a directory of UBC-affiliated Training Centers.