Connecticut Sisters Find Support at Meetings

Union and SIB committee meetings are good places to locate allies and gain information – that’s what Connecticut Sisters have found. At a recent Union meeting, SIB chair Ana Cardona talked with Local 326 president Bruce Lydem about how the Executive Board committee might help the SIB committee with some of their goals. This conversation resulted in Ana being invited to an Executive Board meeting!

At another Union meeting, Ana (blue sweater) was able to share information about Sisters and UBC recruitment initiatives with fifth District Congresswoman Jahana Hayes (tan coat). Specifically, Ana talked about the Career Connections curriculum and the contributions of women members.

As for other Sisters, they find that Union meetings offer great networking opportunities. And they find that SIB committee meetings are a place to learn about journeyman training classes as well as information about construction workwear for women (see flyers advertising meeting and work clothes). At SIB committee meetings, Sisters are also encouraged to pursue leadership and nominate each other for electoral positions, the Executive Board committee, or delegate seats.

Both types of meetings offer value, and Connecticut Sisters are determined to remain involved.