MAGIT Students Form Councils & Attend Training

Massachusetts Girls In Trades (MAGIT) continue pursuing equality initiatives, with the latest being the launch of Equity in Trades Councils. So far, 20 Careers Technical Education (CTE) schools have launched these Councils.

CTE schools showed their support by providing a one-day training program for 60 student leaders from different schools. The training was informative and empowering. Many students talked about the positive impact of being involved with MAGIT. For example, being empowered to speak up more when boys take tools out of their hands.

Students also spoke about plans for their Councils which included visiting middle schools and speaking to parent groups to:

  • Encourage more girls to go to CTE high schools
  • Encourage more girls to join building trades construction shops
  • Support girls that want to go into construction
  • Support girls currently in construction shops

Check out the photo – these girls are ready to take on construction and more!