Massachusetts Sisters Fight for Fairness

Joining the campaign against construction industry tax fraud, Massachusetts Sisters turned out to protest Callahan Construction, a non-Union General Contractor who allegedly engages in wage-theft as well as tax and insurance fraud. On February 25, 2019, they attended a community meeting in Roxbury, MA. And on March 20, 2019, they were at a rally in Woburn, MA.

Sisters also took their fight for fairness to Springfield, Massachusetts; where they saw some success after working with City Council members. On April 1, 2019, the City passed the Springfield HDIP (Housing Development Investment Project) ordinance. This means that contractors with a wage-theft violation in the past 5 years cannot bid on HDIP projects. In addition, contractors on those projects must meet the following hiring requirements: 35% Springfield residents, 20% people of color, 6.9% women, 5% veterans.