The International Standards and Training Alliance (INSTALL), collaborated with nine industry leading substrate and underlayment manufacturers on a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The MOU was signed at a special event at the Carpenters International Training Center (ITC) in Las Vegas, NV. It signifies a collective industry endorsement of INSTALL’s Substrate Prep Certification program.

The program is a collaborative effort between INSTALL and its manufacturing partners, which include AC Tech, Ardex Americas, CMP Specialty Products – CGM, H.B. Fuller/Tec, Mapei Corporation, Schönox, SIKA, UFloor Systems, and USG. The MOU language took effect immediately and reads as follows:

Acceptable to the manufacturer – installers will be experienced in performing work of this section and specialized in work similar to that required for this project; INSTALL certified or equal.

After the MOU requirement is met and manufacturer proprietary testing is completed, the installation is eligible for an extended product warranty.

The manufacturer partners agreed upon the following standards for successful completion of the MOU requirement:

  • Four-hour orientation to ensure awareness of industry and the certification’s standards
  • 100-question written test requiring knowledge of substrate evaluation, products, and installation (Note: the test must be passed before proceeding to the hands-on skill set testing.)
  • Multiple skill set demonstrations to show mastery of mixing, skim coating, ramping, self-leveling, and proper use of tools

By ensuring the proper installation of substrate materials in a variety of situations, the INSTALL Substrate Prep Certification program will help reduce flooring failure and callbacks, saving manufacturers, installers and end-users time and money. Above all, it will enhance a critical set of skills that have been fine-tuned through collaborative efforts.

About INSTALL: INSTALL, an association of professionals from across the entire flooring industry, is comprised of UBC installers, contractors, manufacturers, associations and consultants who share one simple goal: to deliver work we can all take pride in. INSTALL is known for elevating industry excellence through training and certification. Read more about INSTALL.

Leading Manufacturers Endorse INSTALL

Leading Manufacturers Endorse INSTALL