Trade show industry partner Larry Arnaudet from the Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA) and Jim Wurm from the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association (EACA) joined UBC Second General Vice President Frank Spencer and Eastern District Vice President Michael Capelli at the Carpenters International Training Center for the first UBC Trade Show Industry Summit.

This successful event was designed to bring together stakeholders from the trade show industry and the UBC to discuss how strengthening our partnership can improve industry standards for professionalism, skills training, and service nationwide.

Bill Irwin, Executive Director of the Carpenters International Training Fund, gave a presentation how the UBC’s Build-A-Book program for curriculum is a perfect fit to quickly train up our membership for the industry’s rapidly changing needs. As new technology arises, the UBC can quickly create a training module, build a training manual and quickly share at any of the more than 200 UBC regional training centers. As part of an Eastern District pilot program, Training Directors throughout the region have committed to providing industry specific skills training.

Odie Parkins, Resource Coordinator for the UBC’s Department of Education and Training, spoke about how the UBC’s Department of Education and Training leadership programs are building the next generation of union leaders. Graduates of the Journeymen: Building Leadership for a Strong Future and Collaborative Leadership: Building Jobsite Leaders programs are highly educated on the importance of being the best Union Carpenters they can be to help their employers stay competitive, flexible and profitable – all of which helps toward the UBC achieving its goal of 70 percent market share. In addition, Parkins spoke to the industry leaders about the UBC’s Customer Service training for the Trade Show industry. The program has six components and can be taught at affiliate training centers or even at show sites in order to help provide the program to members.

The summit wound down with a panel discussion about a proposed “Value-Added Initiative”, a new commitment focused on establishing the best environment for our members and contractors to build market share and create more jobs. Panel members discussed what we need to do to ensure that new skills and industry specific training is happening, customer service is of the highest caliber, and that members are drug-free and ready to work. Participants also discussed the idea of mobility of workforce and the need to improve safety training for all trade show workers.

UBC Second General Vice President, Frank Spencer, and Eastern District Vice President, Michael Capelli, ended the summit by establishing next steps and thanking everyone for their attendance and commitment to expanding the trade show industry together.

trade show industry summit