SIB Committee Chairwoman Information & Resources

This section contains materials SIB Chairs can use to establish and build committees. These materials, along with descriptions, are listed below. We wish you much success as SIB Committee Chair and we hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions, please contact your District Representative.

Rachelle Premack, Canadian District –

Sinade Wadsworth, Eastern District –

Barbara Pecks, Midwestern Districts–

Shanta Prude, Southern District –

Amber McCoy, Western District –

Roles & Resources Handbook

This handbook contains information to assist you in providing direction and assistance to help your SIB Committee succeed. It includes eight important roles for chairs, actions chairs can take to fulfill these roles, and documents that can serve as valuable references.

We have also compiled a SIB Networking Handbook for SIB Chairs. It contains the contact information of committee members who agreed to share their expertise on ways to establish and maintain successful SIB committees.

Virtual Meetings Handbook

This handbook contains descriptions of different types of virtual meetings as well as information about their usefulness and cost. At the end of this handbook you will also find a list of tips for conducting successful virtual meetings.

SIB Committee Chairs: Council Relationship-Building Handbook

This handbook contains nine ways to help you develop and maintain positive relationships with your Council. It also contains useful website & book resources as well as forms to help you create your relationship-building plan.

Steering Comittees Handbook

This handbook contains examples of three types of steering committees: appointed by local unions, elected by sisters, and appointed by the EST. There is also information about the process you can use to form these steering committees as well as contact information for a Sister who can guide you through the process. Additionally, there are blank forms for you to develop your own steering committee.