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After many years of dedicated service, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC) said goodbye to two respected colleagues who retired on April 1 – Douglas J. Banes, UBC General Vice President and Andris J. Silins, UBC General Secretary-Treasurer.

Combined Banes and Silins have more than 50 years of service on the UBC’s General Executive Board and have had a tremendous impact on the Brotherhood. Together with General President Douglas J. McCarron they were instrumental in the growth and restructuring of the Union that has taken place since 1995.

Doug Banes first began his career with the UBC in 1960. Joining as a Millwright in Local 2158 within the Moline, Illinois – Bettendorf, Iowa area. Banes went on to serve as the local’s business representative and business manager. Banes eventually moved into positions at the council including that of first Secretary-Treasurer for the Northern Illinois and Eastern Iowa District Council of Carpenters. He became a member of the General Executive Board in 1991 where he represented the Third District. He was elected General Vice President in 1995.

Throughout his career, Banes has notably been committed to the development of training for the union’s membership. His efforts have paved the way for innovative industry training taught at the union’s International Training Center in Las Vegas.

Andy Silins became a member of the UBC in 1968 after serving with the U.S. Marines in Vietnam. He joined Local 67 in Boston, MA where he served as the local’s business representative. Over the next ten years Silins would move into positions at the council, including Secretary-Treasurer for the Boston District Council in 1979. He was elected to the General Executive Board in 1995.

As General Secretary-Treasurer of the UBC, Silins has successfully coordinated the financial and administrative operations of the union. He has also served as the Labor Chair for INSTALL and with the Interior Systems Labor-Management Committee. In addition to his responsibilities and commitment with the UBC, Silins has also served as chairman and trustee for a number of union-related pension funds.

With their long-standing careers now at a close, the UBC proudly honors and celebrates these two leaders and congratulates them on their much-deserved retirement.

“Through all the adversity we have faced, and the successes we have celebrated, there are no two people that I would rather have worked with to lead our union. They will be truly missed by me and everyone in the UBC family,” said Douglas J. McCarron, UBC General President.

As the UBC says goodbye to one set of leaders, they welcome another. On April 1, Second General Vice President Frank Spencer assumed the office of General Vice President. Also stepping into new roles are David Tharp, who is serving as Second General Vice President and has been a UBC member for over 40 years, and Michael Capelli, who is serving as General Secretary-Treasurer and is a 3rd generation carpenter and a member of the UBC since 1986.

Mark McGriff, formerly the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio Regional Council is now the Midwestern District Vice President. Bill Waterkotte, formerly the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Keystone-Mountain-Lakes Regional Council is now the Eastern District Vice President.

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