Sisters Present at NCSRCC Interior Systems Conference

Building a better relationship and partnership with Interior Systems Contractors – that was the goal of the recent Interior Systems Conference hosted by the North Central States Regional Council. Sisters did their part by interacting with contractors and sharing their success stories; an idea suggested by the Women in the Workforce (WIW) committee.

Appointed by EST John Raines, the WIW committee is charged with exploring ways to recruit and retain women. This conference provided an opportunity to highlight past and present successes, as well as to an emphasize ongoing commitment to this initiative.

So, Barb Pecks, WIW committee member, facilitated a panel presentation of four women who represented a broad spectrum of experiences. They are pictured, from left to right: Apprentice Jessica Benson, Retiree Jody Jutrzonka, WIW member Barb Pecks, Journeylevel Floor Coverer Megan Dant, Journeylevel Carpenter Instructor Amanda Phillips.

During the presentation, the Sisters provided information about their skill-sets and shared their passion for carpentry work. EST Raines also took the opportunity to expand on the Council’s goals and answer questions. He is seen with Barb at the lectern.

Two of the presenters, Jessica Benson and Jody Jutrzonka, represented opposite timelines in experiences. Jessica recently came to Carpentry after having earned a degree in Chemistry. CLICK HERE to read her story. Conversely, Jody spent 30 years paving the way for women. And even though retired, she still works whenever possible as a superintendent and foreman.

The conference was a huge success for the Council and the Sisters.